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        Biogas biological desulfurization is a new technology developed in the 1990s, also known as biological catalytic desulfurization (BDS). It is a new technology that uses aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to remove bound sulfur from petroleum sulfur-containing heterocyclic compounds at normal temperature and pressure.
        Biogas desulfurization - acid biological desulfurization process
        The reaction equation of Yinghe Rui acid biological desulfurization is as follows:
        H2S+2O2 →H2SO4
        H2S+2O2 →H2SO4
        2H2S+O2 →2S+2H2O
        2H2S+O2 →2S+2H2O
        Characteristics of biological desulfurization
        ①高效率: 硫化氫去除率高達98.5%
        ① High efficiency: hydrogen sulfide removal rate up to 98.5%
        ②高適應范圍: 可處理硫化氫濃度高達1.5% (15000ppm)
        ② High adaptation range: it can handle hydrogen sulfide concentration up to 1.5% (15000ppm)
        ③低成本: 與其它脫硫技術相比,運行成本低
        ③ Low cost: compared with other desulfurization technologies, the operation cost is low
        ④高安全性: 設有多重的安全保護裝置
        ④ High security: equipped with multiple safety protection devices
        ⑤無人值守: 系統通過在線監測系統全自動運行
        ⑤ Unattended: the system operates automatically through the online monitoring system
        ⑤維護簡單: 少量的維護工作
        ⑤ Simple maintenance: a small amount of maintenance work
        沼氣脫硫器脫水、除雜、緩沖工藝 :
        Dehydration, impurity removal and buffer process of biogas desulfurizer:
        增壓后的沼氣進入緩沖罐,實現氣液固的分離,以滿足對發電機組的平穩供氣,保證發電機組的、運行。 分離出來的水和微粒通過重力的作用沉降到緩沖罐底部,同時部分溶解于水中的雜質氣體等隨水從緩沖罐底部排出。凈化后的氣體從頂部出來進入發電機組
        The pressurized biogas enters the buffer tank to realize the separation of gas, liquid and solid, so as to meet the stable gas supply to the generator unit and ensure the and operation of the generator unit. The separated water and particles are settled to the bottom of the buffer tank by gravity, and at the same time, the impurity gas partially dissolved in the water is discharged from the bottom of the buffer tank with the water. Purified gas enters the generator set from the top
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