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        The main purpose of biogas purification is to remove carbon dioxide to obtain high-purity methane. Biogas purification technology is mostly derived from the decarbonization technology of natural gas and synthetic ammonia. As the treatment capacity of biogas is far less than that of natural gas or synthetic ammonia, more attention is paid to miniaturization and energy saving in the selection of decarbonization technology.
        Biogas can be purified into bio natural gas, which is a renewable and clean energy. There is a vivid metaphor in the biogas industry, that is, to build a small biogas digester is not only equivalent to building a small natural gas plant, but also equivalent to building a small sewage treatment plant, garbage treatment plant, organic fertilizer plant and small forest farm. Known by the masses as "money strings" and "cornucopia", it is a cause with small investment, great role and benefits the country and the people.
        Biogas can also control air pollution and river pollution. Using biogas, the indoor carbon monoxide concentration is 80% lower than that of coal, the carbon dioxide concentration is 60%, the hydrogen sulfide concentration is 80% lower, and the floating dust concentration is 90%. At the same time, the total number of bacteria, E. coli, ammonia nitrogen and other indicators in the drinking water source are greatly reduced, which protects the water source and improves the water environment quality.
        As a clean distributed energy, purified natural gas from biogas can replace petrochemical natural gas for vehicle fuel and residential gas. It is an important way for high-value and energy utilization of biogas. China is not only rich in biogas resources, but also has great potential for biogas production. The future development of biomass energy is inestimable. At present, the main route for further utilization of biogas is power generation and purification. Deere air separation can design standard biogas purification according to different requirements of customers. The biogas purification equipment is environmentally friendly and can achieve win-win economic and social benefits.
        The above is the biogas purification http://www.highcute.net I hope that the detailed introduction to the will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service

        相關產品 我們的存在,是為了更好的服務于沼氣等可燃氣體凈化及利用行業
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