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        Methane is mainly composed of CH4 and CO2. In addition, it also contains a small amount of H2O, water and other impurities. The technical difficulty of using biogas to produce pipeline gas, GNG and LNG lies in the purification of biogas. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt necessary biogas purification and purification technology to make biogas become high-quality biological natural gas with high methane content and conditions such as calorific value and impurities that meet the requirements of pipeline, compressed or liquefied natural gas standards.
        Biogas purification is generally to remove trace harmful components in biogas to improve the applicability and calorific value of gas. The purified biogas can be used as a substitute for natural gas. There are several aspects of purification process, including biogas desulfurization, biogas deoxidation, biogas drying, biogas decarbonization and removal of other impurities. 1. In the desulfurization process, the gas generated in the fermentation process enters the double membrane air bag for temporary storage after being dewatered by gravity in the drying cabinet and dewatered and deodorized by the high-energy ion deodorization equipment. Since biogas raw gas contains a certain amount of H2S gas, H2S gas needs to be removed and purified through desulfurization process. The gas enters from the bottom of the dry desulfurization tower and is discharged from the top. The gas contacts with the dry desulfurizer in the dry desulfurization tower to remove H2S. 2. Biogas decarbonization: after the desulfurization biogas is stabilized in the gas holder, the saturated steam and micro dust particles are removed through the filter, and then enter the membrane separation device to separate the CH4 and CO2 mixed gas from each other. After separation, the CO2 concentration in the final biogas is less than 3%, and the separated CO2 contains almost no CH4.
        Biogas purification and purification produces biomethane, which is equivalent to fossil natural gas in quality. If conditions permit, it can be directly incorporated into pipeline gas, or it can be made into compressed natural gas for automotive fuel, etc. There are many biogas purification technologies. Kaifeng Deere air separation can be designed and selected according to the user's own capital cost and energy utilization goal.
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