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        Biogas purification is to remove the impurity components in biogas and make it high-quality CH4 with high methane content, calorific value and impurity gas component quality meeting the requirements of natural gas standards.
        The biogas produced by anaerobic process contains about 55% CH4 and 45% CO2, as well as a small amount of H2S, H2O and other gas components. The concentration of CH4 can be increased to more than 95% through separation and purification. The biogas separation and purification system is divided into two parts: pretreatment and membrane separation.

        The significance of purification: the methane content in biogas is only about 60%, and the rest is carbon dioxide, nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide. After purification, the methane content can reach more than 97%, reaching the standard of urban natural gas. The amount of CO2 produced by methane combustion is 60% of that of gasoline, and does not emit atmospheric pollutants such as sulfide and nitride to form acid rain, realizing the effect of environmental protection. A major advantage of biological natural gas is that it can completely replace vehicle gasoline, diesel, and even replace vehicle fossil natural gas; It can make full use of the existing infrastructure of natural gas storage, transportation and filling, so as to greatly save the investment in development and application, and the market prospect is broad.
        Design and manufacture biogas purification equipment according to customer requirements and prepare product gas that meets national natural gas standards.
        The above is about biogas purification. I hope it will help you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.highcute.net

        相關產品 我們的存在,是為了更好的服務于沼氣等可燃氣體凈化及利用行業
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