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        Because the problems of environment and energy pollution are becoming more and more serious, biomass energy has gradually become one of the research ways of new energy, which also leads to the relevant research on the purification and preparation of biogas energy. At present, vigorously developing the * * gas industry has become an important strategic way to optimize our national energy structure and realize low-carbon development. It is a very important measure. Because China's * * gas is currently in a stage of rapid development, and the supply and consumption are increasing rapidly, there is often a shortage of * * gas. In order to cope with this situation, and from a theoretical point of view, out of the dual thinking of energy and environmental issues, the research and development of biogas purification to produce biological * * gas can not only achieve high-yield * * gas resources, but also achieve more prominent environmental protection. The economic value and social value are more prominent. The development of biomass energy and other renewable energy can attract great attention. As a new type of renewable energy, the development and utilization of biogas purification to produce biological * * gas conforms to the national industrial policy, has great commercial value and broad prospects for development and utilization.
        沼氣是由多種氣體的混合物,主要含有甲烷和二氧化碳,甲烷占55%~70%,二氧化碳占30%~45%。沼氣提純制取生物**氣(以下簡稱沼氣提純)是指利用厭氧*酵處理產生沼氣,經脫硫、脫碳、脫水、加壓等工藝后成為生物**氣(bio-natural gas,簡稱BNG)進行利用,不僅能夠充分的進行廢物利用,還節能環保,是一種綠色能源,非常有發展前景。
        Biogas is a mixture of various gases, mainly containing methane and carbon dioxide, accounting for 55% ~ 70% of methane and 30% ~ 45% of carbon dioxide. Biogas purification to produce biological * * gas (hereinafter referred to as biogas purification) refers to the use of anaerobic * fermentation to produce biogas. After desulfurization, decarbonization, dehydration, pressurization and other processes, it becomes biological * * gas (bng) for utilization. It can not only make full use of waste, but also save energy and environmental protection. It is a kind of green energy with great development prospects.
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        相關產品 我們的存在,是為了更好的服務于沼氣等可燃氣體凈化及利用行業
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