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        Leakage position of flue gas desulfurization tower: lower tower wall of desulfurization tower, spray pipe, demister, upper tower wall of desulfurization tower, welding position between desulfurization tower and mother liquid pipe, connection between inlet flue of absorption tower and absorption tower wall, plate leakage or bottom plate leakage of circulating tank wall.
        How to deal with the leakage of FGD tower equipment?
        1. Prepare plugging tools and materials for desulfurization tower pipelines and desulfurization tower equipment, as well as spare parts for desulfurization tower equipment to be replaced.
        2. Check the leakage surface of the equipment and clean up the objects affecting the construction operation; Remove the oil on the surface of worn parts (chemical cleaning can be used if hot work is not allowed on site).
        3. Mix the repair materials in strict proportion and mix evenly. And apply it to the leakage part of the desulfurization tower and its surroundings, and apply it repeatedly to ensure its compactness.
        4. Ensure the curing time of the coating (6 hours at room temperature and 2 hours when the iodine tungsten lamp is heated to about 60).
        5. Roughen the surface with a grinder to remove foreign matters and oxide layer on the leaking surface and expose the natural color of the metal; Clean with clean cotton yarn and absolute ethanol.
        6. Check the application strength of the repaired surface and materials.
        Exhaust gas leakage may not only cause air pollution, but also cause personnel poisoning. According to the requirements of environmental protection policies, the waste gas treatment equipment needs to be operated continuously online in the production process, otherwise the air pollution caused in the production process will face huge fines. In case of leakage of desulfurization tower pipeline or desulfurization tower equipment, it is necessary to stop production immediately for repair. However, if the plugging process of desulfurization tower is too complex or the repair time is too long, it will seriously affect the production and bring huge losses to the enterprise benefits.
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