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        ① The drainage standard of the pre-treatment water sealed well is that when the liquid level reaches 20-50cm at the pool mouth, the water shall be drained until the top of the submersible pump is exposed, and the drainage shall be stopped irregularly.
        ② The waste water well shall be drained when the liquid level reaches 20-50cm at the pool mouth when the submerged pump is not automatic, and the drainage shall be stopped when the submersible pump is exposed to the top, and the drainage shall be irregular; At present, the submerged pump operates automatically, and the operation status of the submerged pump can be turned off.
        ③洗滌塔運行中液位到達400m進行補水,補至800m后,停止補水,開關水閱即可洗滌塔補水期間嚴禁人員離開,補水結束后方可離開,以免發生洗滌塔高液位,水倒罐至沼氣管道,造成水培。 ④氣柜水封井在液位到達潛水泵四分之三處,進行排水,閉合AA1配電柜中QF119,啟動水泵,液位到達潛水泵露出三分之二,拉下QF119,停止排水。
        ③ Make up water when the liquid level of the washing tower reaches 400m during operation. After making up to 800m, stop making up water and turn on and off the water. Personnel are strictly prohibited to leave during the water making up of the washing tower. Only after the water making up is completed can they leave, so as to avoid high liquid level of the washing tower and water pouring into the biogas pipeline, resulting in hydroponic culture. ④ When the liquid level of the water seal well of the gas holder reaches three-quarters of the submersible pump, drain the water, close qf119 in Aa1 distribution cabinet, start the water pump, when the liquid level reaches two-thirds of the submersible pump, pull down qf119 and stop drainage.
        ⑤ Make up drainage and water in the regeneration tank: open the make-up sailor valve of the regeneration tank, and then open the total chemical water. When the liquid level is made up to the target liquid level, - * * close the main soft water valve first, and then close the make-up valve of the regeneration tank. Drainage: open the feed valve of the old sedimentation tank, and open the hand valve from the circulating pump to the old sedimentation tank. The opening is less than 50%, and the opening exceeding 50% will affect the spray flow, resulting in poor absorption effect in the tower and excessive hydrogen sulfide at the outlet, Discharge to the target liquid level and close the corresponding hand valve in turn.
        Note: the liquid level of the water seal well can be inspected once a day. In rainy and snowy weather, * the inspection frequency should be increased to avoid the high liquid level of the water seal well, resulting in water blockage in the gas path and loss of buffer capacity of the gas holder.
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